Espinho International Puppets Festival

Theaters in the city 41°00'23.4"N 8°38'19.0"W


Valuing memories and recognizing the cultural and pedagogical qualities of puppet theatre, Espinho organizes the XII International Puppet Festival: Mar‐Marionetas.
For a month, the festival offers shows, training, workshops and exhibitions.
From the rebirth of the most traditional forms to the most creative experiences, to the proposals aimed at young people, the public has a lot to see, hear, do and feel in this year’s edition of the Mar‐Marionetas Festival.
This edition will focus on the quality of the shows, presented by the most prestigious national and international companies, ensuring as one of the main events for the promotion and spreading of the current panorama of the puppets world.
"Mar‐Marionetas: the unforgettable festival!”