Ferreira de Sá’s Tapestries

Rua Ferreira de Sá, 50 | 4500-629 Espinho 40°59'07.9"N 8°37'09.2"W


Ferreira de Sá’s Tapestries, the oldest company in the production of traditional tapestries, is located in the municipality of Espinho, in the parish of Silvalde.

It was a small family business, founded in 1946 by Joaquim Ferreira de Sá. With knowledge, perseverance and love to the art of weaving, they have built up, over the years, an exemplary service, adding knowledge and improving gorgeously unique works, true art works.

The company owns the large and original estate of drawings of the traditional portuguese point, the "Ponto Beiriz", from the former factory located in Beiriz.

Renewing facilities to better development of true artistic work, today is an industrial unit with a solid and automated structure, taking into account its purpose: the origins and the tradition of the art of weaving.

They produce personalized and by measure products, using the appropriate traditional techniques and high quality materials, worked by the magical hands of masters and skilled craftsmen.