Festivities in honor of Nossa Senhora dos Altos-Céus and São Mamede

Largo dos altos Céus | Anta 41°00'02.3"N 8°36'24.0"W


Every year, in Altos‐Céus, county of Anta, municipality of Espinho, popular celebrations in honour of Nossa Senhora dos Altos‐Céus and São Mamede, traditional "Festas dos Rojões", take place.
They are celebrated on the third weekend of October, as well as the traditional "Festa dos Tremoços".
For many years, these celebrations have been a reference in the panorama of popular festivals in the municipality of Espinho.
In the past, when refrigerators still did not exist, meat was preserved in salt or smoke and pork was sacrificed from October on, when the weather was colder. At the time of the celebration, which always takes place on the third Sunday of October, the farmers killed the pigs, so there was a lot of food available.
The weekend after the religious festival, people gathered, enjoyed a good red wine and, with the sound of music and a lot of emotion, socialized with their friends and family.