Praia da Baía | Rua 2, 627 | Espinho 41°00'32.7"N 8°38'48.6"W


"Coming to Baths" recalls the golden age of Espinho, when "villains and gentlemen" came to the beach, by medical prescription.

Reliving the past of "Coming to Baths" is to travel back in time and return to the past, evoking the daily life of the people who annually sought our therapeutic waters.

The recreation of a beach from the beginning of the XX century has the participation of a hundred actors where some of its main characters are portrayed: bathers dressed in precept, villains, gentlemen, puppet theater, old-time photography and street vendors, are present in this recreation.

For the people who visit us, this will be a trip back in time, where you can meet and enjoy the customs of people who enjoyed the baths of Espinho beach and a tourist resort, full of "glamor" for that time.


Event taking place on a weekend of July