Espinho Surfinn Company

Espinho Surfinn Company
Rua 2 | 4500-198 Espinho


Surf is a surface water sport, generally considered an extreme sport due to its creative side, in which the surfer's skills are determined by the level of difficulty of the movements that he can perform when riding the surfboard on the crest and face of the wave, which carries him towards the shore.

This way, surfing allows for a continuous contact with the sea and outdoor life, which is crucial in the search for emotional balance between the stress of the daily life and a healthy way to spend one’s free time. Surf chooses neither ages or sex, and its a very healthy sport for SURE! SURF Promotes health!

In ESPINHO SURF COMPANY  Surf School we do not want our students to just learn how to surf or to evolve. We want them to become more familiar with the surrounding context and with the sport’s very own culture. An ideal way to start surfing age does not exist, but like any sport, as sooner we start, learning will be easier, faster and the evolution will be more exponential.

This is why we favour quality over quantity and, most of all, the safety of our students. We work with all stages of training (beginner, intermediate and advanced), as well as with different frameworks (social and leisure surfing or competitive surfing). Our goal is to make surfing accessible to just about anybody, through a safe and fun learning process based on surfing training methodologies.

ESPINHO SURF COMPANY - Surf School, offers students a chance to get in contact with the sea and nature in the Northcoastline.