Porquê Espinho?

Why Espinho?

Just 30 minutes by car from Sá Carneiro Airport, half an hour from Grande Porto de Leixões and 15 minutes from Marina do Freixo, Espinho is a modern city that receives thousands of national and foreign visitors throughout the year. Trains are another possible option, since Espinho is located in the backbone of the great Lisbon-Porto railway line.

It has 8 km of beaches, several distinguished with Blue Flag. An immense sea surrounding the extensive sands is cut by breakwaters that make it suitable for bathing areas, but it also has waves appropriate to water sports such as surfing or bodyboarding. Therefore, the tranquility of an isolated beach is opposed to the action of another, where you can even watch a game of beach volleyball or spend some time in a lively bar.

Once in Espinho, enjoy and take a walk along the sea along Ecovia do Litoral. Then, continue the journey to northern Espinho and reach the riverside and historical area of Vila Nova Gaia and Porto and end in the south in an environmental protection zone, Lagoa de Paramos, visually very attractive in aspects of biodiversity and landscapes, where wild birdwatching is a reason for attraction.

Go to see the Museum located in an old cannery and, if you have the opportunity, see a show at the Casino or a concert at the Academy of Music. Involve yourself in a truly immersive experience in the Planetarium and also visit the county exhibition galleries.

Golf fans have at their disposal one of the oldest renowned golf courses in the Iberian Peninsula with more than a century of existence. A Thalassotherapy Centre and a seawater pool are also successful infrastructures in the county. If you like adrenaline, dare to take a parachute jump or go karting. If you prefer a more relaxing experience, choose a horse ride by the sea.

Famous Espinho Market represents an important tourist attraction for the variety of sold products and direct transactions between the producer and the consumer. Open every Monday, today is one of the largest weekly markets in the country.

In the cultural area, several activities carried out throughout the year are an attraction, for example, some festivals: CINANIMA (International Animation Film Festival), FEST (New Filmmakers Festival), Music International Festival, Mar- Marionetas Festival (International Puppets Festival) and OITO24 (Performing Arts Festival). Another standing out event is the International Meeting of Living Statues, and various sport events, among others.

Praia dos Pescadores is the starting point for a totally cultural gastronomic trip, where the work of Xávega Art, the proclamation of our "Vareiras” and the traditions of artisanal fishing are practiced by the sea. A little further on you will find a good restaurant. Accept our suggestion and enjoy unforgettable moments at the table with our marine flavours!

Espinho is a cheerful city designed with wide streets cut into symmetrical squares; however, beyond what you may imagine, it will be more useful to follow this advice: visit this pleasant city to judge it for yourself!