Coastal Ecovia

Avenida 8, 12 | 4500 Espinho 41°00'56.8"N 8°38'38.3"W


Ecovia do Litoral is almost 12 Km long. You can go hiking or cycling and contemplate the various beaches, urban and popular environments, such as neighbourhoods and scenes of fishermen’s life. If you are lucky, you can see these men in their jobs or fishing tackles resting in the sun waiting for the next return to the sea.

Espinho coastal region has a dune cord that extends from Silvalde until Lagoa de Paramos/Barrinha de Esmoriz. In this area you may find some of the habitats of the Natura 2000 Network Sector Plan, an ecological network for the EU. The walkways in this region meander, going up and down the dunes people use to play sports or move to the beaches. Along the coastal strip, lying in the sand or flying in the air, there are hundreds of seagulls and other birds that live in peace despite this increasing activity.

Leaving from the beach of Marbelo to the south, this Ecovia gives access to the following beaches (north‐south direction): Marbelo, Seca, Azul, Pop, Costa Verde, Baia, Sereias, 37, Mar, Pescadores, Pau da Manobra and Paramos. Once, this Ecovia ended up in the natural barrier of Lagoa de Paramos/Barrinha de Esmoriz. Admire the landscapes of dunes, beaches and sea, and emblematic buildings of the city such as the Marine Pool and Spa, the Casino or FACE; in the fishing area of the city, take a look at the boats and hammocks of Xávega Art and the oldest golf course in the Iberian Peninsula. With the recent work that has been done and the inauguration of the new walkways of Lagoa/Barrinha, now there is a beautiful wooden bridge with a magnificent view of this pearl of nature that must be preserved.

In Esmoriz, it is possible to bicycle along the sea towards Cortegaça, passing through the fishing district. In Cortegaça, the athlete may also continue for the ecopista from Zona Floresta to Furadouro. If you are one of those professionals with great preparation, in Furadouro you may go by bike to Varela bridge in Murtosa, where you will find CicloRia.

For lovers of long walks, starting from Marbelo beach to the north, you may go to Ponte Luís I on Rio Duero, which culminates in the historic riverside area of Vila Nova Gaia and Porto.

After a long walk, it’s time to return to Espinho!

Remember that it is now possible to transport bicycles on the train, so many of the places where these routes pass by have stations for passengers to descend, allowing them make many types of plans.